What are the best best options for exporting from 3Ds max


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Our 3D designer is asking what are the best options for exporting from 3Ds Max?

He is supplying me with a 50mb GLB model (which is basically just a room with walls - a gallery) and baked lights etc

Any tips and tricks that could help him with:

  • Best options for exporting from 3Ds max for Babylon to use?
    (I will update the code to accommodate)
  • Get file sizes down but maintain high texture quality?
  • Best way to handle environment maps and have objects pickup those maps?
    Handling multiple environment maps on different objects, emitters?
  • Best way to keep everything low poly, low file size, but good quality on walls and baked lights but on galley items (which could be complex 3D models or paintings) what would be the best to have them as high as quality as possible (lights, reflections, environmental maps, transparencies etc - we have a black artwork piece which ends up pretty much solid black unless I crank up a manually coded env map)

He’s also asking do you have a discord where he could chat with you?



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