When "Do not optimise animations" is unticked, the animations are broken

Hi all,

I’m using 3Ds Max 2021, with the Babylon exporter.

When “Do not optimise animations” is unticked, the animations are broken. Certain objects aren’t timed properly, and others miss keyframes.

When Do not optimise is ticked, the animations appear fine.

I’ve added keyframes to the start and end of the animations to align with the animation groups, and I’ve added keyframes for all transforms on the objects.

I ideally need to optimise for file size.

Any ideas what the issue may be?


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That being said, the optimization is looking at individual keys and if 2 keys are identical they will get merged.
But that will not take in account the tangents between keys. Meaning that you have to create your animations with that in mind. Else you will lose the easing and the curves between identical keys

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Thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

Yea I understand that, but the I think the optimisiation might be removing keys that are literally a few frames apart. For example for one animation the object moves up and down very quickly. It will optimise the first part of the animation, but then loses the animation, and the object slowly floats over to the end key frame.

It’s also not a consistent issue, some objects it’s fine, other not so.

Hey Guy’s,
if you can share a scene, simple as possible, which is focusing on this behavior, we may help further.

Following our discussion, the problem is comming from an epsilon value (which is for testing negligible diff) too big (1/1000) with a scale unit of the scene of 0.001 (for meter conversion).
I will see how to address this. In the mean time, changing the scale of the scene may give you a work arround.

Ok I will try that. We’re working in mm, and often objects will move less than 1mm. if we have to exagerate our animation, then that could work, if we know this is defiantly the issue.



I have been playing wth the Unit Setup in Max, and by changing the settings as shown it appears to resolve the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help in nailing this issue!!

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