Where do I get trees, bushes, grass and footpaths for my terrain?

Is there any good source for free models of trees, bushes, and grass? Maybe billboard models like in the Unity asset store? I am looking for something to populate a terrain with.

While I’m at it: Does anyone know how to generate footpaths or roads? I am looking for a procedural solution here, not a solution that uses splat maps that have to be designed before.

I don’t know if they are good, but you can try sketchfab.com or poly.google.com.

Here is something we did for a hackaton: KartRacerFHL/track.ts at master · TrevorDev/KartRacerFHL · GitHub. Let me know if you have questions with the code.

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Wow, thank you Gary, that is amazing! I can learn so much from this example!

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Where did you get the textures for the materials? Did you design them yourself? If so, which tool did you use?

Same question for the models (*.bin, *.gltf).

Forgive me if I’m too curious.

Until January 10th, 2020 (planned shut-down date) you might also find models on this site from Microsoft:

@PatrickRyan created them. I think he used Substance Painter (please correct me if I’m wrong Patrick).

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@mattes3, we had a week to build the demo and there were a lot of assets, so I had to cut a lot of corners. I normally follow a workflow of ZBrush to Maya to Substance Painter. For this, I didn’t have the time to retopo to game resolution models so I built them in low fidelity in Maya first and created rigs and animation. The textures for the cars and helmets were done in Substance Painter. The other procedural textures like the road, gravel, and walls were don’t in Substance Designer.

The trees came from an older prototype to save time and those were made in Maya and painted in Photoshop old school.

Hope this helps.

Great, this helps a lot, thanks!

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opengameart.org . I personally use this a lot. https://www.reinerstilesets.de/ also has some nice models and stuff.