Which graphics card can you recommend?

Since a few days my GLSL applications are running pretty lame. The CPU breaks the 100% mark and I think I need a really good (cooled down) graphics card. But which one is good enough? Can you give me some tips, please?

OS: Windows 10, 64-Bit

I have a previous gen ASUS RTX2080Ti 11GB ROG STRIX O11G and have been pretty happy with that choice. It’s fast, cool, quiet, stable and doesn’t go overboard with RGB lighting and stupid gamer aesthetics. If I were in the market today I’d probably get an ASUS TUF RTX3080 or stretch to a RTX3090 if I could justify the extra expense. I generally love ASUS as a brand for motherboards and video cards. It seems like the RTX2070 is the sweet spot for price vs performance. But if you can hold out, it might be best to wait and see what AMD comes up with in their next gen architecture, as the rumours sound promising and it’ll be good to have more competition in the high-end GPU market.

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RTX3080 is amazing and I am totally sad they are sold out :slight_smile:

but as most of the webgl apps are cpu bound… one thread FTW, I guess anything from 1070 TI would do amazingly well :slight_smile:

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Well, a bit too expensive for my budget… so I will give this company and their graphic card a try

(…)with “PUSH THE LIMIT” as our motto, we are determined to redefine the standard of graphics cards, Mini-PCs and accessories in order to penetrate into new areas and bring users closer to fast paced technology and experience like Esport and VR-Gaming.(…)