Why stop the zoom?

I use babylon for the first time. I just have to view a file.

this is the HTML code I use

<babylon templates.nav-bar.params.hide-print="true"> <model id="babylonModel"> <scaling x="1" y="1" z="1"></scaling> </model> <engine antialiasing="true"></engine> <!-- camera configuration --> <camera> <!-- add camera behaviors --> <behaviors> <!-- enable default auto-rotate behavior --> <auto-rotate type="0"></auto-rotate> <!-- enable and configure the framing behavior --> <framing type="2" zoom-on-bounding-info="true" zoom-stops-animation="true"></framing> <!-- enable default bouncing behavior --> <bouncing type="0"></bouncing> </behaviors> </camera> </babylon>


this is the javascript instruction i use

$ (’# babylonModel’). attr (‘url’, ‘https://playground.babylonjs.com/scenes/Rabbit.babylon’);

why does the zoom freeze at some point? I can’t go any further …

This is to not clip the model, @RaananW might help with the value customization

is it possible to contact him?

Typing his name as I did will do it. Also he is always on the forum but he is off today so he ll probably answer tomorrow.

You can set the camera’s properties in the camera tag. The framing behavior is the one that limits everything, so you might also want to remove it or configure it differently. This can be achieved using the properties on the framing tag.
What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I would just like to view the 3D file without zoom constraints …

Just remove the framing tag

nothing … I can not go further

Can you show a demo? the code you are using? live preview of what is wrong?


set the lower radius limit to 0:

<camera lower-radius-limit="0">
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very good

to slow down the zoom of the mouse what should be set?
i used “camera.wheelPrecision” but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.