WMR Controller's walk feature

I have enabled XR Default Experience in my application using:

let environment = scene.createDefaultEnvironment({createGround: true, groundSize: 10, enableGroundShadow: true,groundYBias: 1});
let xrDefault = scene.createDefaultXRExperienceAsync({floorMeshes: [environment.ground]});

I have Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Controllers and trying to walk in application’s 3D space.

As per this link : Controllers in Windows Mixed Reality - Enthusiast Guide | Microsoft Docs. “Push the thumbstick straight down, then press it in the direction you want to walk.”

This isn’t working in my app or any other demo applications available at WebXR Demos and Examples | Babylon.js Documentation

Walk feature works fine in default application of Windows Mixed Reality Portal.

Can we enable walking feature in Babylon XR Experience that can work with Windows Mixed Reality Controller?

Thank you.

pinging @RaananW

There is a long-standing ticket with this feature, and I am going to tackle this first thing when i get the chance. As I am a little busy with something else right now, it might take a little while, but my assumption would be december/january.

Thanks, I’ll look forward for it. Would you please update this post when the Walk feature is available?