Working with getWorldMatrix()

I wrote quite a long answer, but I’ll edit it because I think I can keep it simpler. :smile:

How can I increase the value of the origin by 0.6 on the Y axis?
Should I create a transformnode with the positions of entity.mesh, change the Y value and then get the world matrix off that?


Sorry, all fixed.

I realised this was just for the aim direction :sweat_smile:
I just needed to pass in a different variable for the Ray class.

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I think you are overcomplicating things here :slight_smile: Can you tell us what do you want to achieve? You want a vector from a position to a position with the y value increased by 0.6?

Cool :slight_smile:

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Yeah, to increase the transform origin slightly. Just realised I did it wrong :smile:

Thanks anyways mate

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