Yuka follow path

I am using yuka follow path for ship movement in my little project. It works well. I am wondering whats the best way to increase the speed (maxSpeed) of the vehicle while maintaining the path more less similar. I decreased the mass to avoid overshot around the corners and it seems good enough. I wonder is there something like dumping parameter like in physics engines I could use instead messing with mass?
I am also wondering can you somehow vary the speed before turning and increase when in straight lines?
@roland any ideas?

In this example you may try to turn on/off onPathBehavior- Yuka | Steering Behaviors | Follow Path
So, actually you can mix several behaviors.
Also you may experiment with nextWaypointDistance and, of course, with vehicle.maxSpeed.


Thanks, Setting onPathBehavior.active = false plus lowering the mass does the trick even for higher speed.

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