Zipped Asset Package?

Is it possible to serve a client a compressed single file that is extracted then the contents loaded into memory instead of multiple assets or is that something I would have to work up?

Maybe in a GLB ???

Hmmm, let me look that up.

I was trying to think of a way for it to be an asset manager task.

No not so much, I was thinking more like something you could literally drop a ton of miscellaneous assets into a folder of different types like textures, meshes, sounds, .babylon files etc all of different types (but all something bjs can handle) ‘zip’ it up and then once loaded with the asset manager it would iterate though all of the files and load them with the correct methods.

I might be pipe dreaming…

Maybe you could use jszip ??? as we do in the pg to zip the scene code ?

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Now we are getting somewhere.

Let me finish my thought this morning and then Ill see if I cant figure that out. I could see a lot of use for that with mixed asset types.

Do like a jszip implementation, with a json map inside the zip for it to use as a cheat sheet of the assets, their correct methods and names etc. Super janky rigup but might work.

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