A report blog post of a Babylon.js meetup from Japan

Hi BJS lovers,

Today a Babylon.js meetup has been successfully held in Japan! Over 100 members attended and shared their new, practical, interesting knowledge. See the report written in English!

A report of Babylon.js meetup Vol.2 - CrossRoad (crossroad-tech.com)

Hope would be interesting for you :slight_smile:


WoW. I can see the JP community growing. :potted_plant: :chart_with_upwards_trend: Amazing results for this second edition. I guess this deserves a hug :hugs: and a congrats :champagne: :smile: I’m eager to see how the third edition will perform (200, 300?)… The sky is the limit as they say :rocket: :laughing:

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Thanks for your cheers! We’ll eager to expand our community. Stay tuned!!

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Thanks a ton for sharing it @Limes2018

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