Babylonjs VR hack night (also open to a time change)

Hi everyone,

the VR hack night is currently this wednesday at 7pm pst:

HOWEVER @labris I am open to changing the time; are there other times that work for people?

I should also note that this vr hack night is for games, meta-verse building and art, using the babylonjs engine

feel free to respond with thoughts/questions/ideas/feelings/etc. So far, this event hasn’t quite found its people yet.

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7:00 PM PDT is 05am in Moscow, so for this part of the world and Europe as well it is probably not the best time :slight_smile:

I might be open to attending if y’all don’t mind complete newbies to Babylon. :slight_smile: I am building a client for accessing realtime virtual worlds and want to use Babylon as the engine. However, I’ve not begun past getting a test cube showing.

just come on down

let me know if you have any trouble with that meetup link if you decide to roll thru

also you can see a bunch of the code examples on my insta:

and you can find the actual code here: Glitch

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