.env conversion from .hdr throws an error due to sandbox.babylonjs.com version

I have used sandbox.babylonjs.com to convert .hdr file to .env file and when using .env it throws an error due to sandbox version.
The version I use babylon is 4.2. Is there any way to use the sandox with this version and not the new one? Is there any other way to convert the HDR?


Hey there! All of our tooling is set to the most recent master in Babylon, aka 5.0 preview. We don’t have version numbers on our tooling so currently there would be no way to get the state from 4.2.

Also from a dev standpoint, we have talked about if we should start introducing version number on our tooling. Particularly with the GUI Editor, and future tooling we create. It’s not something I think we intend to do at the moment but the thought has come across.

Is there a reason you are using 4.2 over 5.0 preview? If you try 5.0 does it work?

This begs the question on what is being generated on the newer version that 4.2 doesn’t like? Should be backwards compatible.

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You can still use the previous version and deploy it on your own server. You can then point the sandbox to use older versions stored here:
Babylon.js/dist/previous releases at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)


You could use the code snippet from this answer: .env conversion from .hdr throws an error - #6 by sebavan