Line dimentions or diameter

Hello, dear Babylonjs users
What I want to do is just enlarge the width of the line. I’m afraid the reason why I can’t find a solution after my long research is that such a thing is not possible in Babylonjs. I hope I’m wrong. Can you help?

I want to increase the thickness like in this picture.


Lines Examples | Babylon.js Playground (

It is not possible to change the line width.

You could use

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Thank you for your answer but I need to do this with line. When I do it with a ribbon, there are gaps between the lines that come together more than once.

For examples:


Yes, well as per the above answer from @JohnK you cannot change the line width.
Here’s the link to another post that explains it a bit further and for your problem with the angles using a ribbon, I’m pretty sure there’s also an answer for it (and a PG) in the forum… Just can’t find it right now.
I’ll post it here later if I bounce into it.

The angles can be dealt with as in the following docs but the lines here are resrticed to 2D


What some people do in 3D is to use a thin tube.