Little gpu terrain test

So… this is a humble progress of the project I’m implementing using BJS 5 until May 5th. For now it just shows a little section of a terrain patch, but the end result is a bit more ambitious than that…

Although still quite simple, I like it XR mode.



Already looking good!

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So, progress is being slow as I already expected, because of daily work (I’m doing this in spare time only).

But here is something that with some imagination help resembles a planet from distance. =)

Edit: the above was bugged.

Here is how it should look at that point:

It is not just brute force displacement, it’s actually a quadtree and there is a lot going on already. I think that next update will come next week, when things will be way closer to something usable.

Quadtrees, huh? :eyes: I’m interested to see what’s going to come out!

Yeah, let’s see if I manage to build this properly in a short amount of time.

There are a few challenges there, as the scale is really big, so I won’t make too many promises, but I’ll try. =)

Edit: the full source will be published when it reaches a reasonable stage, even if not fully finished.

Could not make a release yet, but here is a teaser:


That definitely makes me want to see MORE! :star_struck:


that is class!

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