Looking for a BabylonJS and AR/VR Part-time Freelance Developer

We’re looking for BabylonJS and WebAR/VR Part-time Freelance Developer. Experience with BabylonJS Native and Angular front-end would be a plus. Please contact me to discuss further. Thanks.

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Hello. @harvi007
Nice to meet you in this forum.
I’m BabylonJS expert with expertise in WebXR application development.
Over past 7 years, I have been working in some WebAR/VR companies and agency teams and I have built so many Web AR/VR applications.
Mainly worked as 3D developer there with my good sense of design and development of 3D scene and I have built very sensitive coding skills and very powerful experience and knowledge in modern frontend libraries such as Angluar, React, Vue.js and Next.js. Of course, familar with Babylon.js Native
I’m available to work in part-time for this role and I will do my best for your successful business goal.
I would be happy if you leave me a message for further discussion via mail or here.
My contact info: classicmusic218@gmail.com
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.

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Hi Harvi007,
I have experience working with BJS and angular projects.
Pls let me know if its still available.
Gopinath V