Looking for senior babylon dev to help evaluate custom game engine port three to babylon

Hey folks,

We’ve been working on cross platform grand strategy games for over 10 years (check ww3.tv if you’re curious) and looking into taking the next leap to take our game engine to full 3D.

Thus we’ re looking into porting our heavily customize Three based rendering engine to Babylon and are in need of a developer with extensive experience in Babylon (ideally w some Three knowledge as well).

We are starting an evaluation whether it will be feasible for us to port to Babylon and need someone for a limited timeframe (doesn’t have to be full time but can) to support us on prototyping and investigating if this is a path we should go down.

We are quite hyped about Babylon from what we’ve seen so far and if this works out well there could be a more long term engagement coming out of this helping to actually do the porting (not a requirement though, happy to keep it limited).

If any of you fine folks in this forum know some could be a cool candidate pls tag them, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Sounds like an amazing opportunity !!! and welcome to the babylon community !!!


Stuff like this makes me wish I had more free time to spare!


Thanks sebavan :slight_smile: if you know anyone who might be curious about this, don’t hesitate to share, building a new game engine from the ground up can be quite a facinating project :wink:

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Indeed, but lacking that, thanks for helping us spread the news, this could develop into sth quite cool going forward :slight_smile: