Marble Run Simulator 2024

Let’s be honest, this is one of the best thing I saw since a while. You rock!


This is hypnotic !!! Great job !!!

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Wow, this is very impressive! :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, superb work @SvenFrankson !

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Hi ! I’m back with a few improvements,

  • Balls leaving the machine (wether due to a physic bug or by machine design) now collide with the pedestal, are sent through a hole, and propelled back into the machine. Live demo here Marble Run Simulator Viewer

  • Reload on graphic quality change is now smoother, and can happen with minimal disturbance on physic : it allows to replace PBRMaterial with StandardMaterial and meshes with a low poly version on mobile.

  • New TrackElement, a vertical UTurn Marble Run Simulator Viewer

Thanks for your interest ! Stay tuned for next week update with the largest machine I could think of :slight_smile:


This is another level; I need to work harder :slight_smile:

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Hello there !

Weekly update for Marble Run Simulator

  • Global update on the Machine editor. Beta testers seemed to have issues with the old system based on clickable arrows to move the pieces around. I estimated it was 80% due to their lack of skill, but nevermind, I made my 20% by implementing some magnet behavior, it feels more modern and work better on mobile.

Demo of the updated Editor

  • A new piece, the Screen. It’s a 2x2 screen, each time the marble passes in it, its state changes, allowing to draw things by putting multiple screen parts next to each other.

Live simple example here Marble Run Simulator Viewer

  • A new machine, “Cable Management”. Serves as a stress test for the engine (I can’t render it in the highest quality setting on my RTX2070, yet) and a showcase for the previously mentionned “Screen” machine part.

If you’re not browsing on your phone, you may try it here Marble Run Simulator Viewer (at speed 1, it will take the marbles roughly 5 minutes to complete the picture ^^)

Thanks for your interest and have a nice day !


You know that this is insane in a good way right ???

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This is crazy cool! I love your work man!

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Holy sh*t! This is :fire:!!!

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Hello there, here’s another weekly update for Marble Run Simulator

  • All demos are now available on one page Marble Run Simulator Viewer

  • Implementing a loading screen that works on low bandwidth network.

  • Reworking the Tutorial, now with in-scene helpers

  • Adding a new MachinePart, the Xylophone. 44 different notes so you can play any genre of music (as long as it only uses Xylophone)

Live demo of the Xylophone is here Marble Run Simulator Viewer

Thanks a lot for your interest and nice feedbacks :slight_smile: Have a nice day !

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This is so much fun!!

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Hello BabylonJS !

Last week was mostly about tweaking the UI to make it work on mobile and in an iframe, so not much to show here for now :slight_smile:

I’m working on a Video Tool, to capture viewpoints with a smooth transition in-between when doing videos of the machines. Here’s a first test :

I’ve also reworked the Graphic Quality scale.

I noticed many beta-testers (players selected at random on are struggling when rendering PBR Materials.
I guess it happens because they have no GPU or dedicated chip in the CPU ?

The annoying part is that I have no idea how to detect if a user have the hardware to use PBR Material.
I monitor the FPS, but a common case is to have 60fps stable using StandardMaterial, but 30fps stuttering using PBRMaterial.

If you have some idea to evaluate the user’s device abilities without having to make it struggle (it tends to make the player leave the game), I’d be happy to hear about it !

Thanks and have a nice day !