My team won the MIT RealityHack 2023 for WebXR track!

Spreading the good word of Babylon out there ! :heart: Special thanks to @RaananW and @JCPalmer for some of your posts in the past in my darkest moments… not gone too much into the VR side of things with WebXR yet and two days to code really :slight_smile:

I’ll put the repos up in a reply and website once I get a chance to de-hackathon code it somewhat haha



This looks stunning! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to try it out. Once released “to the public” it would be great to have it on our website, if you are fine with it.

And thank you for the kind words. Happy I could have helped even a little to create this amazing experience.

CC @PirateJC

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WOOOOO CONGRATS!!! One of the bestest ever parts of being in this team is getting to see the beautiful things y’all come up with :slight_smile: Excited to see it released!


Congrats !!! this is so cool Babylon made it there !!!




This is great!! That Hackothon/event is So. Much. Fun!. … Sad I could not this year :frowning:

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Looks awesome, congrats!

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Thanks! Also welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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Wow @br-matt this looks killer!

Let me know when you’re ready for some visibility to be thrown towards this!

I’d love to point people to it from an official Babylon.js tweet and maybe a spot on the community page?

Whenever you feel it’s ready of course! No rush!