Need a 3D artist that knows the ins and outs of the Web3D world? I'm open and ready for work!

Hello Babylon.js Forums!

I’m looking for work ^-^. Be it contract or Full-Time (Canada only for Full-Time).

I am a Freelance 3D artist with a focus on high performance models. I’ve been working with a Babylon.js developer for a few games now and figured I’d post here to see if anyone else is in need of a 3D artist.

Here’s some examples of my work:

As well as two different Babylon.js projects I’ve done asset creation for

(The second one is just the above link with “-world” appended to the end, since new users can only post 2 links per post)

I’m looking forward to working with you!


Boosting this. She’s done excellent work in my experience