[Paris/Remote] Hiring BabylonJS Software Engineers for a WebXR project

Dear BabylonJS community,

We’re a Paris-based company opening a few positions WebXR related. The company is based in France but we do consider applications from any European countries with 100% remote work possible.
Salary is €45-55K based on past experience.

If you are interested by the projects and the challenges ahead, please do consider applying!

The company
Minsar is a team of creators and engineers specialized in the fields of multimedia, user experience, spatial computing (including AR, VR, and NUIs), mainly based in Paris, France.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to the spatial computing era by providing Creators and Publishers the best tools they need to build and distribute content for the new AR and VR platforms.

The Minsar team is growing and now is the right time to join our journey and determine the way immersive content will be created and distributed in the next decades.
We are currently opening a few positions for building the next version of Minsar in WebXR, using the BabylonJS engine.

You will work on building Minsar’s platform on the Web, using web-based 3D engines and frameworks. The Minsar platform is currently built in C#, using .NET Core; the Minsar Create and XR View app are built using using Unity3D. In this role, you will be responsible of building the Minsar Web core architecture and features, by matching the existing Minsar native implementation.

This expansion to the Web will help creators publish their Minsar experiences on any website or in an app using a web view.

You will leverage the BabylonJS engine and the WebXR standard to deliver a state-of-the-art Web implementation of the Minsar platform, to provide users with the best AR/VR viewing experience possible on a web browser, with a strong focus on performance to minimize battery impact, loading times and thus user friction. You will make sure the Web implementation supports the broad variety of assets and features available in Minsar Create and runs smoothly on all WebXR-ready devices in the market.

On a day-to-day basis you will interact with the engineers responsible of Minsar’s global architecture, computer vision technologies, designers, creators, and the CTO.

Thomas Nigro
Source: Minsar by Opuscope is hiring a/an Lead Software Engineer, WebXR


Hello Thomas,

Please check PM.


Good afternoon, Thomas. I was interested in your offer. I work with the Babylon js framework for 2+ years. My projects:


BabylonJS: http://kidsafe.mamexpert.by/

Hello Shaft_Dg :slight_smile: please send me a DM or a message to : Thomas at Opuscope dot com . :wink: