PushBall - 2D & 3D Maze (Generated Scenes - Levels) - Angular&BabylonJS Project - F12 Source code (Map)

I made Angular Project with BabylonJS Framework and Havok Physics.

(For curious developers)
Demo Project Here

You zoom in/out camera with scroll on mouse. Camera always look at Ball.
You push Ball with WSAD.
You can explore mazes and physics (Havok - nice physics plugin)

NIce exploring :slight_smile:


Very cool! :slight_smile:
Is there a way to jump through these gaps?

no. it is button to open barrier. And you should go around.

I should put there finish. This is just demo of concept.

Aw this brings back memories: I have got balls or Hamsterball . Super addictive gameplay.

Please keep working on it!

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No money no funny.
Low money low funny.
No time no funny.
No team.
So things go slow.

Another maze idea for your game. The cube should have a gravitation force.

Mazes (mazesforprogrammers.com)


You can start doing it.

challenge accepted. i will create a labyinth on a sphere and let fish swim in it. :slight_smile:


Great. Interesting journey.
Good and interesting Book you give a reference/link.