Remote Contract Babylon Position (US Based)

Hey Y’all!

We are hiring a for a babylonJS ~8 month contract position, remote anywhere in the US. This is an immediate need with a very fast hiring process.

Let me know if you are interested-would love to talk :slight_smile:


This is great news !!!

To help find your best fit, detailing a bit the project could help :slight_smile:

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Maybe posting on Service offers and requests - Babylon.js will also help.

Moved to service offers :slight_smile:

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Hi @ARGRecruits
How are you?
Here is webgl (babylon.js) expert with +7 years of experience
Now I’m seeking new position
Please contact me if it’s still available

Skype: live:.cid.9df16e9024946593
discord: Paradise#9793
telegram: Telegram: Contact @JsonHoward