SHHH! It's a secret! Babylon.js 5.0 Is Here Early!

PSST!!! Hey there (whisper) incredible Babylon.js community! We’ve got some incredibly exciting and surprising news to share, but it’s a BIG secret!

Babylon.js 5.0 is here now! However please keep this news a secret, shared only here amongst this forum.

1) Babylon.js 5.0 is here early!
2) Keep it a secret until May 5th
3) Use it and create a demo/playground
4) Share a social media post with your Babylon.js 5.0 demo/playground on May 5th at 1pm PDT
5) Use the hashtag #BabylonJS5 and tag @babylonjs
6) Remember! Keep it a secret!!!

Why is it a secret?

We’re trying something a little different with this release than we’ve done in the past. Before we tell the whole world that Babylon.js 5.0 is here, we want to invite YOU to be a part of our “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” moment.

While Babylon.js 5.0 is available now, we’re keeping it a secret between us (the forum) until May 5th. May 5th is the date of our “BIG ANNOUCEMENT.” That’s the moment where we’ll officially tell the world that it’s here!

What does this mean for you?

We’d like to officially invite each one of you to be a part of our “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” moment on May 5th. Over the course of the next month, for anyone who’d like to participate, we’d like to invite you to use the new version, create a demo or fun playground, prepare a tweet/YouTube Video/Social Post of your choice. Then on May 5th at 1pm PDT, join the “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” by posting your tweet/YouTube Video/Social Post.

What kind of demo/playground should you make?

That’s 100% up to you! Our theme for the release is “Space.” Babylon 5? Get it? :slight_smile: If you’d like to create something Sci-Fi or Space themed, that would fit right in, but certainly isn’t required.

What should I say in my tweet/YouTube Video/Social Post?

That’s also 100% up to you. Say whatever you like. Hopefully something positive that helps get the world excited about Babylon.js 5.0!

Twitter is where most of the “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” will take place, but feel free to use the social media platform of your choice to help spread the word. No matter where you post, please use the hashtag #BabylonJS5 and include @babylonjs.

Babylon.js 5.0 is quite simply the biggest, fastest, and boldest update to the Babylon Platform that we’ve had and that is in MANY thanks to each of you. This community is absolutely amazing and we sincerely could not be any more grateful for each one of you and the positive, compassionate energy that you bring to this platform every day.

On behalf of the entire development team.





As part of this, a bunch of new Dev Stories are now available; check out the thread about them here!


incredible. Congratulations for this version. I confirm that it is more efficient. I notice it on my developing game. Everything seems to load faster.

Thanks for Babylon 5.0. (all the versions are amazing anyway and so are the developers and the caring community)


So much awesome…

Great work team on getting this release shipped! Culmination of a lotta hard work and efforts of some very talented people, I can’t wait to see what people make with it!


We are also excited to be releasing the GUI Editor Beta to the community today! More info available in this thread: Introducing the GUI Editor Beta - Announcements - Babylon.js (


Sorry. Before looking at the forum head.

I found the release and tweeted it.
I have now deleted that tweet.

I will keep it a secret until that day.


LOL Don’t worry about it at all! Seriously, not a problem in the slightest!!!

Thanks in advance though for helping us spread the word! You rock! :slight_smile:

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I think this big secret release event is very exiting.

And I want to share this event to Japanese users, but it’s secret. How I should notice this surprise in Japan?


reserving space for my demo, coming in about a week or so.

Update: here is the announcement, and direct link to demo CG Textures library.


I have always thought a true framework should also have it’s own GUI. That’s why I’ve always supported the BJS GUI (despite for all its sins :wink:) I am so happy that yours haven’t given up but instead, worked on improving it. Rest assured I will be testing (and challenging :wink:) this editor shortly. Awesome work Guys and I’m so much looking forward to the release of v5 :rocket:


Full qul Mega Bravo.


Quick question about Babylon 5.0 release date. When I look it’s Babylon.js v5.0.0-rc.4
Am I missing something?
I downloaded the 5.0 zip. But same thing. it’s the Babylon.js v5.0.0-rc.4
Is this version released in advance?
By the way, there is no the “what’s” in the preview release.
I know that there have been big changes lately on the repository and I’m sure I missed something.

cc @RaananW

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Hi Dad, do you mean from github?

@PirateJC says : Babylon.js 5.0 is here now!

Does that mean when I call “” that I am getting Babylon 5 version? Or is this just for people using the “npm” methodology?

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

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Yes @RaananW, that’s what I was trying to say. I’m not sure to find version 5.0 of babylon which is said to be out early.
I can only find the rc.4

Looks like it. Doesn’t make me very happy though. I still have my merged meshes problem on my latest demo and now just realized it shows in my preview. :slightly_frowning_face: Now, I’ll need to fix this fast :sweat:

@mawa : that is too bad. I guess I will have to use a playground if I want to meet @PirateJC 's conditions for submitting an example. .

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile: