Babylon.js 5.0 Has Officially Been Announced!

Wonderful Babylon.js family. The moment has arrived!

Babylon.js 5.0 has officially been publicly announced/released!!!

For anyone who’s joining us in this virtual celebration! It is now safe to release any demos, tweets, posts, videos that you’ve made to help mark this occasion! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BabylonJS5

Also - We’d LOVE to see your content here on this thread as well!

With deep sincerity we’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you. This community has grown significantly over the past 10 years and is entirely because of YOU. YOU have formed it into a friendly, helpful, compassionate, and encouraging place where everyone feels welcomed. YOU have helped make Babylon one of the most powerful web rendering engines in the world. YOU have brought Babylon.js 5.0 to life!

From the bottom of our hearts we cannot thank you enough.

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Very nice video and an impressive set of features. Congratulations! :+1:


The video is AWESOME!

In contrast, here’s my hastily-made trailer that hopefully doesn’t embarrass myself too much :sunglasses::flushed:


Omg. It looks amazing. Congrats.



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Great to see 5.0’s official release – congratulations to the hardworking devs!

I will definitely be using version 5 for the next release of my own Babylon.js game project. Unfortunately, that was not quite ready to coincide with today’s release.

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Congratulations to #BabylonJS5

I uploaded a video on YouTube on time for the big announcement, but I could not make the tagging work.
I am not so much into social media, so no real surprise after all :smiley:

If it fits, I would like to share the video with you here:

Here is the link to the playground, where I played around with environment map ground projection a little bit:

Thank you such much for the hard work on BabylonJS, I really appreciate it!


Very nice video. I won’t comment that you have used none of my (unfinished) pieces :wink:
Actually, I will comment this: It’s not easy to keep in-line with the theme and goals and tell a story. In fact, It must have been hard to make the right choices and build-up everything with ‘#consistency’. I must say I very much like this video.
I think we can say ‘Job’s well done’ :heart_eyes:
Congrats for the launch :fireworks: :rocket: :champagne:

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I come back into this community at the very best moment ! Great things to come, congrats :smiley:

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Lol me if you want, I take no offense :smile:

You know, that’s among the things I find good in this video. It’s for all public. I don’t think a list of all changes that occured from version 4.1 (or 3.2) would have been so great to watch for people who are not already BJSying :thinking: And the quality is fair enough at least for a video on social media (my opinion only). Oh, and I forgot to mention: I luv the soundtrack :guitar: :musical_score:

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Congrats on the launch guys!

Just wondering, I was playing with NME trying to learn how to build the PBR Material but it seems that it’s gone now after 5.0, what’s the procedure here, in case I want to customize the pre-built PBRMaterial?

What do you mean by gone? Nothing is gone in Babylonjs world :slight_smile: We are attached to backward compatibility

Node Material and PBR | Babylon.js Documentation (


That was weird, my NME wasn’t showing the PBR section anymore. Thanks!

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And that @Deltakosh is what kept me experimenting and enjoying BJS. And I see the celebration video includes at least a tiny bit of that “backwards compatibility”

I did not realize until yesterday that the time for the announcement was 1.00pm PDT. In some parts of the world it was already May 6th!

@PirateJC : Well Done, though I have no access to Twitter and Facebook, so I hope that went well. And doesn’t Johnny Depp have some legal problems now that are not associated with piracy ? :grinning:

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. As I said, I don’t feel offensed. :sun_with_face:And I hope the people who likely had to struggle with the video feel the same. The point is, I had the ‘chance’ in my carrier of making such videos from ‘bits and pieces’ of footage, trying to keep with the message and a story while dealing with the ‘ego’ or ‘considerations’ of many groups of people who delivered the (often clumsy :wink:) footage :wink: So, I guess I can say doing this is both ‘a long’ and ‘frustrating’ process for a result that most of the time is…well, a compromise.

I understand what you are saying though. But then again, this is a ‘simple’ announcement video. We’d expect better for say a ‘10Y celebration’ video. Personally (but that’s just me) I would have also made use of more post FX (likely with AE, my favorite) on things like the engine burst, also adding motion blur when the object moves, better lights and reflections here or there (something a bit more ‘sexy’). But then, that would be cheated, right? To me, this footage looks pretty much like in-game footage and honestly, I would struggle doing all of this with just the short time they had to do this video. So, again, for me, the goal and the target is reached. And this is already essential and good enough for me.
Meanwhile, have an awesome WE :sunglasses:

Haha :laughing: I think same as FB should not have been allowed to claim ‘Meta’, Johnny should’nt be able to claim the sole representation of ‘piracy’ :wink: And then, isn’t it what ‘piracy’ is all about? A real pirate simply takes over and makes his the goods of others. :pirate_flag: So, to me, this is perfectly in line with the spirit of it. :parrot: :wink:
Let’s just hope Johnny’s lawers will have the same interpretation of this :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Wonderful set of tools and community!

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555, lucky number :slight_smile: