Sith Lord required (or Jedi master... depending on where you stand...) (it's a job... a job post 🤷‍♂️)

Dear Jedi Council,

I stand before you today asking for your help to find the next member of our squad.

We are setting on a journey to make 3D mainstream with the help of BJS.

Our Millennium Falcon is preparing for takeoff, and you will join the team of pilots making this flight possible (aka, engineers).

We would love to have you be one of the main contributors of BJS, and once you join, we would love it if you stay so; nay; we will give you time to do so.

On a serious note, we are building the future of 3D design, and we are looking for a senior skilled BJS engineer to join the ride.

Where to reach out? comment/react here, and I’ll take it from there :wink:

May the force be with you… always.


Please provide company details and salary for the job.

Sith or Jedi job? Pick a side!!

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“Sith Lord required…”

I hope this is not an attempt to debauch one of the members of the Team. These Guys have a job to do and I’d rather have them continue with it :grin: :rofl: Apart from them, you can have one of the Jedi Masters, that’s fine by me :grin: Not as if this title would have any meaning in terms of skills, just at look me :sweat_smile: :crazy_face: Jokes apart, I hope you’ll find your ‘hero’ :man_superhero: :superhero:
The description of

is something I can only applause (and commit) :clap:


Hmmm, kind of surprised I’m not a master must of got demoted for not being so active… you should swing me a message though and we should have a discussion about what you are actually looking for.


@brianzinn with the last starwars movies? the definition is a bit fluid haha

disclaimer: we did work heavily with react-bjs before, well done on the library! :saluting_face:

@mawa I love this project personally, how it’s governed, and its community, would only want to take it forward :arrow_upper_right:

p.s. you’re a jedi master, does that mean … ? :star_struck:

@Pryme8 will do! don’t worry about the title, all that matters is typing speed, best criteria for hiring! 200 w/m is the threshold to get an interview haha :crazy_face:

jokes aside, expect a dm