The Babylon Chronicles: A Babylon Podcast

I just want you to tell the Babylon Team and You @PirateJC Thank you for this, to me BabylonJS in it evolution let me learn about how to read code from others, how to migrate as a library changes, how is to be in a comunity of devs, and how the 3D graphics work, learned about Blender and let me initate a whole Chapter of the Global GameJam on my local city in Venezuela.

Keep being awesome!


loving the Podcast so far.

I loved the story about how you asked the community about adding telemetry and upheld the community’s voice by not adding it.

Adding telemetry (at the behest of a large company) is what essentially broke Audacity community and dev pool.

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Just listened episode 2. These podcasts are helpful for a solid community I think. :heart_hands:
I don’t see harm in ditching backwards compatibility at some point giving appropriate preparation time to developers and explaining for which features.

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I watched the two YouTube videos about the chronicles and it was pleasant to see @RaananW in the second video. Along time ago, he reported a bug in a little maze project I had created, I’ve never been able to figure out why he got the result he did. But it was nice to see him. :slight_smile:

And the discussion about “backward compatibility” .made me smile. I posted my first project back in 2014 - and it still works using the script call “” to start BJS. Works fine. For a person who is hardly a coding expert, I really appreciate that backwards compatibility :slight_smile:

I was interested in @Deltakosh 's comments about three.js and Windows 95. I also looked at three.js back in 2014 along with babylon.js, and babylon.js seemed so much easier for me to work with - but I’m not a great coder and I’m still here :slight_smile: As for those earlier versions of the Windows net browser, my and others experiences with VRML was basically avoid the Windows browser as it would crash regularly.

Glad you published on YouTube - I’m not into paying for Spotify etc.

Cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

PS. I started with Windows 3.1 !!


I came here after watching the Ep3 to say:

Thank you Gary Hsu aka @bghgary, for your amazing work! :star_struck: :metal:


I’m loving this podcast so far. It’s full of so much background information I wasn’t aware of. I really appreciate the work and thought that the core team pours into Babylon every day.