2 place For BABYLONJS Programmer available in Amground Metaverse

amGround is looking for enthusiast BabylonJS developers. it is an ultimate Metaverse platform which enables individuals, companies and brands to share their content with their fans / friends / employees / clients in fully-fledged customizable, interactive and immersive environment. amGround is armed with various content management tools, methods and integrations to ease the sharing, engagement and access.


  • At least 3 years of javascript development
  • At least 1 year of BabylonJS development
  • Fair understanding of webGL, shaders, GLB/GLTF, and other 3d related development concepts
  • Interested in fast-pace development environment (Remote)
  • Being able to work with blender/maya is a plus
  • Being able to speak English is required

If the above interests you, send us an email with your resume to admin@amground.com (edited)


Working with @nasimiasl would be such a treat !!!

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