3D guitar sim to learn the fretboard notes :)

Just finished this: https://guitarsim.com/


This looks great! Is there supposed to be audio as you play notes? I wasn’t getting any sound.

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Thanks. I may add sound later, but since learning the frets is purely a visual memorization thing, I’d personally be muting the sound. But someone else I showed this too recently also made a comment about expecting sound, so maybe I just need to add it :man_shrugging:


No that makes sense. I guess I was approaching it as an experience but I can definitely follow your logic for muting sound as a learner user.

This is amazing and I was looking into why the sound was not working thinking we had an issue in Babylon before reading here !!!

cc @PirateJC


@jonarnold this is AWESOME!

I’ll +1 the idea for sound, only because that’s what my brain was expecting when I first tried it out.

Any objection to me adding this to the community webpage?


This is super polished and fun :slight_smile: Bookmarking it, will definitely use this if I ever try to learn guitar


Nice, Though I really need chords, I understand that requires multiple strings, which require a different click approach. They may also key dependent on key of piece.

As for getting sound for an acoustic guitar is fairly easy from WebAudioFont | webaudiofont

Here is an acoustic guitar font. https://surikov.github.io/webaudiofontdata/sound/0241_JCLive_sf2_file.html. There are others in the first link.

BTW, do you know any good sources for how to play a 5 string bass? I did not really see any geo files for anything other than Blend Swap | Music Man Sterling HH5 Bass - Black. Many lead guitars, but only the one bass.

I did some work to get it scaled to meters, changed to PBR materials, and triangles down from 521k to 27k. Not much I could find at the library in the way of how it is played though. Would definitely try to modify the geo to a 4 string, if I knew which string to drop.

Hi @PirateJC, thanks, I’d be glad to have this added to the community webpage.

Hi @JCPalmer sorry I don’t know of any good bass resources, but I’d guess there are several YouTube videos on 4- vs 5-string basses.

Added! Should be live in a few minutes.

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Awesome, thanks @PirateJC !

Nice app & graphics!
I was also waiting for sound, it can help a lot to associate a note to the right place.
And also my first try was about doing a F… and I start drawing a bar chord image
, with no success of course :upside_down_face: Maybe a tiny description of what is expected could help

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Ahh great feedback, yeah this not about chords but learning individual notes so instead of the notes of an F chord, find all the Fs. I’ve started working on some better instructions. Thanks again.

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