6 months of drawing

6 months ago I decided to get back to a very old passion of mine: drawing.

When I was younger (like 12 or 13yo) I loved drawing but I was terrible at it (not that I’m better now :))

Now that I’m 44, I don’t care anymore and I decided to get back to it

I’m using an iPad Pro with Procreate and the million of tutorials on Youtube

You can check what I did here:

And for the fun this is what my office looks like now:


Absolutely wonderful! SO MANY, too! Your talents are endless, DK. Phew. Gorgeous!

Thank you so much buddy!

inspiring and whimsical. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing @Deltakosh


Wait til you turn 60. Caring does not even enter your mind. Think I’ll have a taste of something in that vein by the end of September. Mine will be on topic though.

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It’s impressive. I love it :heartpulse:, you draw really well and you have reason to get back to it.

It always feels good to come back to your old passions.

Very nice your office, it must be inspiring to work with so many works around you. :+1:

Totally:) you should share your work with wood!

Already done :smiley:

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Just saw it!

Love the drawings particularly the worlds on animals. Great skills.


@Deltakosh : Not sure where you will be when you get to my age, but 100 years from now, your great grandchildren will be able to look at those images and say, “Great granddad did these”.

The things we leave behind, and are remembered for, are often the things we do outside work. My father-in-law made jewelry - which his grand children all collected.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

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Yeah @gryff and I must admit I love that idea!

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Wow great to see another all rounder! your art style is fantastic , enjoy it

Awesome software engineer, incredible artist! Magnifique!


Very cool. I got our 9 year old daughter an iPad with pencil and Procreate - it’s amazing to see what she can do with it.

Kids today - lucky bastards. If only I had those kind of tools as a kid, then I’m sure I’d be able to draw :stuck_out_tongue: (Or maybe I’m just not that talented)

Man! You bet!

This looks great! Thanks for sharing @Deltakosh

I really like when people are breaking “programmer” or “artist” clichées. Trying this myself, but from the other direction. :smiley:

Maybe you already know (…and plz don’t get me wrong. Your illustrations look great). I liked those concept art tutorials and still learn a lot. It’s mostly photoshop but the concepts behind it stay the same.

thanks for the links… Bookmarked them!