6DOFDragBehavior and arrow keys with FreeCamera

Hello, the following existing playground shows 6DOFDragBehavior with Free Camera
On Desktop you can use the arrow keys to move (part of Free Camera), but this becomes disabled when a drag is started on the mesh, is this intended behavior? Is there a way to continue to be able to move the camera while dragging?

adding @Cedric

by default the camera gets detached onDrag,
to keep it attached, you can use sixDofDragBehavior.detachCameraControls = false

Based on this info I’ve made a playground

There seems to be continuing issues, I’m not sure if I am calculating the delta correctly because simply moving the mouse around while dragging (no arrow keys) causes the pointer to drift away from the mesh with after continued dragging.

With arrow key movement, since onDragObservable is not being triggered the mesh does not move with the mouse cursor while moving the camera.

I’m guessing there is an observable for camera movement, but I’m unsure of the best way to give it the dragged mesh and how to factor together the camera’s delta with the drag delta.

I’m never 100% sure of what happens with inputs stack.
Maybe @PolygonalSun has some ideas here ?

I think what causes the cursor to drift away is when the mesh collides with that gray box