A Pirate Playset Part2: Physics Joints

Hey Everyone! I’m back with another video! This week continuing the Lego inspired demo that walks through how to create a fun pirate scene using Lego-like bricks and some fun Babylon trickery.

Hope you all enjoy!!!

Starting playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#TWQZAU#1

Ending playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#TWQZAU#2

Super fun special ending playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#TWQZAU#3

Documentation about Babylon.js Physics Joints: Joints | Babylon.js Documentation

Fun with Legos Part 1: Thin Instances: https://youtu.be/0DaSvI_n7Us


this is awesome @PirateJC :respect: :partying_face: :dancer:
please more tutorials on node materials/NME from noob to master, as that part has been a bit confusing for me, like when to use what… <3

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Did I mention, these video series are simply great. Yes, I did. Doesn’t matter, I do it again :smiley:

I would take these to help me climb this mountain (if you get my reference;)

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Thanks for the kind words @Dshah_H and @mawa

@mawa - So pumped you’re climbing your mountain! :wink:

I’ll definitely be doing more on these in the future!