Create IOT Connected Web Games with Babylon.js

Hey Everyone!

This week’s video is a fun one…this time it’s my turn…I show you how to connect an IOT microcontroller to a Babylon.js web game and wirelessly light up an LED. Babylon.js + Electronics…not ashamed to say I geek out a bit on this one! LOL.


Thanks @PirateJC ! Unique and inspiring idea for a tutorial!

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Marvelous video! Well done. It sort of re-defines model-view-controller, eh? :slight_smile:

This system is a nice boilerplate for advanced puppetry and robot arm controllers.

Drag/animate some bones/joints in the BJS scene skeleton/armature, and a flurry of wifi GETs… tells the ESP to do the same actions… to the actual physical armature. Yum! Your calibration may vary. :slight_smile:

Thx agn, PJC… you’re a mad man… and a fine presenter!

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Thanks @inteja for the kind words! This one was near and dear to my heart!

@Wingnut…Wow thank you so much for the positive encouragement! I’m sincerely humbled and honored by your words!

You’re thinking along the same path where my brain has been going! A digital skeletal puppet system! That’d be so epic and fun!

Also the other way around too! Imagine a puppet that you could manipulate…and send joint transform info to Babylon to drive a digital puppet! Could be a really interesting way to capture unique poses for an animation system. Tap into the stop-motion world a bit!

Thanks again for the encouragement!

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Good, but I’m probably not worth that. :slight_smile: You do a nice job and seem to know your stuff, well-worthy of good words. I know I have been less-than-kind to you in the past… unfairly, but, it was an organizational issue and not intended to be personal. I hope you always understood that.

Back on-topic… yeah… this system you’ve shown us… opens some BIG WIDE doors on the horizon. Nearly any process control is a candidate… for this stuff. FUN, at least until my coffeemaker tries to tell me how to live my life. (Don’t worry, my toaster will put Mister Coffee in his place). :slight_smile:

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LOL! Glad you see the potential in it! I totally do as well!

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