Active Particle Count Problem

Within the scope of the viewport, is the calculation method of the number of active particles equal to lifetime*rate?

The entire active state can be caught.

I think it would be difficult if the viewport you’re referring to is variable, meaning that you’re trying to get a count from the visible field of view.

As @11128 said, it would be difficult (if not impossible) to know the number of particles currently in the field of view because the trajectory of each particle depends on many parameters, so each particle will remain on the screen for more or less time, and this is not something we can know from the outset (especially if there is an element of randomness) or at any time for that matter.

Sorry, I may be wrong, the active particles refer to the active particles in the Inspector.


This value is coming from a call to getActiveCount() (the method used by @11128 in his PG).