ArcRotateCamera how to set autorotate direction and angularSensibility for keyboard input

Hi I am trying to figure out how to change the auto rotate direction and also the angular sensibility for the keyboard input. I did not find a flag or something for the direction. For the angular sensibility it seems that it only works for the mouse input? Also what would be an approach to add an easing a
t the end of the alpha / beta / radius when reaching the limits?
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the code for the keyboard input is here:

You can see that you have all the required properties.

To get access to the input: camera.inputs.attached.keyboard

Doc: Customize Camera Inputs - Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks Deltakosh!

Yes, I checked this before but wasn´t shure if this was the right place to look for since changing the angular sensibility for the keyboard input did not change anything. Thanks to your replyI checked it again and I found that inputs.attached.keyboard.angularSpeed actually does the trick.

Asking for the autorotation was a little embarrassing after I found out that it is just the negaitve autorotation speed… :joy:

Anyway last thing is to find out how to ad some easing to it.

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