Are there some demo apps with babylon native?

I want to experience the native technology

Adding @bghgary our Native master

At the moment, we only have a Playground app that is in the repo itself.

There is a thread here about others using it: Babylon Native apps - Demos and projects - Babylon.js (

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the apk can not run in my phone,when I open it, it quited out.

Can you provide more information? What apk? Have you checked the logs? Is there a crash? Thanks.

I install this app, when open it, it crashed.

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I’m not sure if the package has been updated or what not, but it was working for me when I tried it when it was posted. Maybe @waverider404 can help.


Hmm been a while since I have touched this one I think I might even have lost the project, what’s your android version because I think I built this for android 9 hence explains the crash

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My phone is android 11.
It doesn’t matter, I just wanted to experience babylon-native for the first time.
Because I want to make a video-related application, the native version is temporarily unavailable. So, it doesn’t matter to me.