Assets manager -- better to load all meshes before scene.render or after (or neither)

I have a scene where I am going to be loading in 15-30 meshes, and am trying to determine whether there is a difference between loading in all of those meshes (meshTasks w/ the assets manager) before the scene renders for the first time, or after, or whether it doesn’t matter.

All of the documentation examples show the assets manager loading in meshes before the scene renders for the first time, making me wonder if that is the best practice, but can equally see that just being for the sake of a quick demo.

Any performance or other benefits to either approach?

Sorry if this is a simple question, and thanks

Hey and welcome!!

There is no difference from performance standpoint so it does not matter.

We tend to load everything upfront so there is no popping effect (when a mesh enters the scene) but it is definitely up to you

Awesome, thanks so much for the speedy reply!