AssetsManager not working, but SceneLoader does

I did export the cube from blender that is loaded at the start of the program to a *.babylon file and want to load this file with the AssetsManager.

I am able to load the file with the SceneLoader.Append function but not with the AssetsManager.
This is a PG to the described issue: Babylon.js Playground

If I use the SceneLoader (from line 34) everything works fine. The interesting part is that there seems to be no error while loading. At least the error callbacks get not called.

Am I doing someting wrong?

Fixed. Looks like you passed in the list of file names as a parameter to the list of mesh names and thus it doesn’t find any mesh.


Thank you very much for you help!
That was my mistake, I assumed that I can give the mesh a name with this argument. :upside_down_face: