Attach Gizmo to TranformNode

Hello !
I’m currently trying to attatch gizmo to a Transform node .
So far this is my playground .
What i’m trying to do is : when i click on the “Box1” node from the scene to be able to move the whole node (including the sub nodes (the positions of all meshes within the sub nodes should be synchronized)) .
I Cant get Gizmo to attach to the full node

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Hey there, welcome! :slight_smile: Using an AbstractMesh instead of a TransformNode, like below, you can click on any part of box1 and use the bounding box gizmo to transform the whole hierarchy, like below.


Thanks Blake , But unfortunately I Need to keep the Element in the scene as Transform node .

Or if it possible to store the transform node in the scene As mesh [ i mean the full Parent Node with sub nodes and meshes within each sub node ] as a one mesh ,

I’m asking that because of the following scenario ,

I Have 2 Transform Nodes ,
They have the same Node Structure ,
and when a Node is near to another node , (as in the scene )
I Want to connect the meshe with name P0 inside the Plinth node . to the other mesh inside the other P0 inside the second node

Hmm, I’m still not sure why you would need to use a TransformNode instead of an AbstractMesh thou. The gizmo manager has the feature to attach when you click on something like in the PG I posted above, but it doesn’t work with transform nodes…

I think the playground I posted does this or else I’m not sure what you mean. :thinking: