AzuraGate - MMO RPG/ FPS/Adventure

I present to you the game that I am building. It is still in development, I am only at the beginning.

It is an MMO type game that mixes RPG, FPS and adventure where we will evolve on a planet called Azura.

Here is the story which gives the broad outline of what the game will be:

On a distant planet called Azura, millennia have passed since the first civilizations emerged in its vast expanses. Once prosperous and flourishing, Azura was renowned for its natural beauty, abundant resources, and peaceful people. However, all that changed with the discovery of the AzuraGate, a mysterious artifact that opened a door to another world.

Originally, the AzuraGate was revered as a symbol of progress and discovery, but its power attracted the greed and ambition of Azura’s most powerful leaders. Factions have formed, vying for control of the artifact and its mysterious abilities. Wars broke out, tearing apart the fabric of Riviera society and plunging the planet into chaos.

In this tumult, many ancient secrets have been awakened. Dark, ancient forces have awakened, threatening to destroy not only Azura, but the world beyond AzuraGate. The planet’s inhabitants have found themselves caught in the middle of an epic conflict, where the fate of their world and everyone who resides on it hangs in the balance.

It is in this context that you, the players, enter the scene. You play as intrepid heroes, courageous adventurers ready to explore the dangerous lands of Azura, to face fearsome dark forces and to lift the veil on the mysteries of AzuraGate. Your journey will have you exploring a vast world of ancient ruins, medieval villages and futuristic cities, from burning deserts to lush jungles, as you fight to restore peace and save this world from imminent destruction.

It is an adventure, of courage and sacrifice, where the choices of the players will have a significant impact on the destiny of Azura and its inhabitants. As the threat grows, only the bravest and most determined can hope to triumph and preserve the future of the planet which can literally become anything.

For the moment I’m working on the game login, the profile to create your avatar and enter the world. I also started to create the terrain, the environment…

The terrain is 2048x2048 which I cut into 16 terrain (4x4 terrain of 512x512) to be able to create more details on small terrain rather than a very large one.

Here 3 photos of what it looks like so far.

I hope to make greater progress in the future now that I have a cohesive story to follow. Getting started is often difficult because there are a lot of elements to gather.


Loooking good !!!

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Small update to the login screen. I added small explosion particles to the surface of the planet at war.

For the terrain I integrated all the painting tools to paint the terrain. I started painting it and testing all the possible brushes.

This painting tools can be turned on and off. If it is not activated, you can move with a character and in painting mode you switch to a camera to move without the character.

Here are all the brush choices :

I can also reassign all textures with a wide choice of HD textures :

About tools

When I have this painting tool that can be fully integrated into any project, I will distribute it to everyone. I am currently reviewing all the different tools that I have created to separate and integrate into any project.
So there will be something to paint textures, paint trees, grass, rocks, create holes, ramps, paths…

About terrain

For the terrain I had to completely review my way of designing it. At the beginning I started with 16 small plots (4x4 of 521x512) to form a large one of 2048x2048. But it was more restrictive to develop the painting tools.

So I created a single large terrain and added a ground.optimize(100) to divide it into a 10x10 grid. This greatly improves the character’s collisions with the ground. I was able to subdivide it into 500 and the terrain is 2048x2048 which is large if the scale of the 3d models is quite small.

I’ll show the terrain when I’ve painted everything next time. I also developed a selective loading and a complete loading of the scene to optimize the testing processes as I build the game. Because the more the scene evolves, the longer the reloading of the game will take, so I will not I would only load what I want to test during builds to reduce game reload times.

In short, for the moment everything is on track.



All looks very cool but the font… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes maybe I will see the font again, you are right. I’ll see which one might be good.
Thank you for reporting it.

[edit] replace police by font. (translation mistake)

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Sorry, honestly I don’t get this :slight_smile:

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@Dad72 Come one, explain it to a non native english speaker what does it really mean :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What do you want me to explain to you? You tell me that the font may need to be revised. I told you that yes, the font (fontFamily) will be improved. :slight_smile:

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In french, font translates to “police” :smiley:

What @Dad72 means with police is actually “font”


Oops. Thanks @Deltakosh for clarifying this. This is what I wanted to write. I’ll correct.


@roland I put a cursive font which is better. And sorry for the confusion police → font.

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Font, Police, French LOL


I finished most of the painting of the terrain. There will certainly still be some editing to do to refine things when I add 3D elements.

There will therefore be a large futuristic city zone, medieval village zones and zones of ruins, a large desert zone which will receive an oasis, a forest zone, a plain zone, a mountain zone with large rivers. and waterfall…

Here is the result of the large painted terrain with an overall view and a view of the character.

Before adding 3D models to dress the terrain, I will integrate into the game something to add them easily and place them with a small editor like for the painting tools.