Babylon in Browser vs. Native IOS App - 3D performance

I am wrapping up a Babylon block building app meant to run in the browser and I am considering making an IOS app (of which I have no experience). If my Babylon Browser app can run for example 1000 Cube meshes no problem, how much better is Native IOS 3D? 2000?, 3000? I ask because it would have to be a lot better than Babylon in the browser to get through all the hurdles of making an IOS app.


Well…guess what? It depends :smiley:

We can compete with native if all the work is on the GPU side (which is what we try to do for babylonjs). because when in the GPU there is no more difference between JS and native :slight_smile:

So if you optimize your bjs scene well (by freezing stuff, and generally speaking reducing the cost of JS work) then you can get pretty close

Thanks, seems like it… amazing how much Babylon can render on a 2013 iPad.


This is why we are here :slight_smile:

Not fully onboard with that there is no difference between JS and native in repsect to the GPU yet, without the new Multi-draw extension. It is only really out a week, so not really close to production anywhere.

Well I evaluated Multidraw but I see no use for us. Not sure what should we win to use it

How much of a performance boost will that give? When do you think it will be in general use?

@Deltakosh, good to know.

@gamedev44, it does not really matter when, if this framework is not going to use it. I did not try testing, just going by comments here.

Yo @Deltakosh what do you mean here by freezing stuff … what is this about … and exactly what other techniques should we be using to maximize performance?

Thanks @Deltakosh :slight_smile: