Babylon.js meetup Vol.3 will be held in Japan (April 28th)

Hi BJS pioneers,

I’m thrilled to announce that a meetup Vol.3 in Japan will be held on 28th April.

Babylon.js 勉強会 vol.3 ~Babylon.js v7 リリース記念~ - connpass

I made an event page above and added summarized English translation in this event page.

“connpass” is similar to Eventribe or related site. You can login it if you have facebook or GitHub account.

Most of presentation will be done in Japanese but I can add realtime English caption if necessary.
Online or onsite presentation is also welcome!!

Of course if someone attend it onsite, I and some members will welcome to you :+1:



This is so cool!!!

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Session schedule has been updated!!

Babylon.js 勉強会 vol.3 ~Babylon.js v7 リリース記念~ - connpass


Sorry for multiple posts.

Here is YouTube link. If you can kindly save your time, just access the link as of 13:30, 28th April (JST).

Babylon.js 勉強会 vol.3 ~Babylon.js v7 リリース記念~ (

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don’t be sorry this is cool!

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Hope you enjoy it!

XユーザーのLimesさん: 「Here is an event report regarding our Babylon.js meetup from Japan! Various topics as WebXR, adapted several commercialized systems, examples of combining other OSS. Hope you enjoy it! #Babylonjs」 / X (

Hi @Limes2018 !

Is this game availabe online?


Hi @roland

Yes, you can play these game via online!

Here is a link.

(1) Temple Run 2

Poki platform seems to adapt Babylon.js.

Babylon.js and Poki | Babylon.js Documentation (

(2) Attack of the killer Bunnies

(3) X Trench Run
X-Trench Run (

I got these demo info from the community site.
Babylon.js Community Demos (

Hope it helpes for you!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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