Babylon viewer with RHS and multiple root transforms

I would like to use the Babylon viewer as it is very configurable. Here is a PG with the scene I would like to use:

And here is a simple default Viewer configuration:

There are two problems:

  • the viewer uses a LHS scene but the model is intended for RHS
  • the viewer collapses all root transforms, essentially ignoring them.

Are the configuration options which may address these problems ?

Adding @RaananW the father of the viewer

Thanks. Handedness in the viewer appears to be addressed by serialization of scene.useRightHandedSystem:

It may work to group everything under a single no-op root transform although I hope that is not necessary.

First, to the RHS. Anything you pass to scene.flags will be used to extend the scene. And though it is not a part of the declaration file, RHS can be used as well so adding:

scene: {
   flags: {
      useRightHandedSystem: true

to your configuration (or use the HTML-configuration option, of course!) will work. Like this:

Not sure why it all collapsed like that. TBH - I am not sure how to edit the HTML on the demo you provided. it seems to be importing the other demo, but I can’t change it directly there.

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Thanks. Here is a codepen to edit, now using the scene.flags option:

Any thought how to avoid the collapsing ?

The viewer is using ImportMesh, which fails in the playground as well - load rhs babylon | Babylon.js Playground (

It doesn’t take the scene configuration from the file but was meant to only import the meshes from the serialized data. How are you defining the transform nodes? could you, just as a test, convert them to meshes?

Ok, that explains it. It really is a mesh viewer rather than a scene viewer. I was just hoping that there is an option for scenes.

Here is the node graph in the inspector:
The Transform nodes are created and then the meshes parented to them, nothing special. The scene is created from parsing a recipe (another 3d standard). That can contain an arbitrary transform hierarchy, so I need to use Transform nodes.

It sounds like Transform nodes would be ignored in general, so grouping everything under a single Transform node would not help. Only mesh transforms may be preserved.

I would be looking for an option in the viewer to use .SceneLoader.Load which may not be a goal for the Viewer as it focuses on nice presentation of single models.

I probably can figure out another way for have a simple scene viewer if Viewer is not targeted that way.

Hi @andreasplesch just checking in, do you have any more questions about this? :slight_smile:

Thanks. I ended up doing a simple scene viewer based on SceneLoader in observablehq:

It is not too difficult to do that, so a dedicated Scene Viewer rather than Model Viewer may not be needed.