BabylonJS + cannon-es + raycastVehicle

I’ve changed the camera, and that the force is not applied now to the steering wheels

It does look like the wheels are working against each other?
It’s really hard for me to find the solution because I don’t understand what is going on here. Do you know why it’s not working if the wheels are spinning in the same direction?

Hello again, @RaananW :slight_smile:
So I started porting this cannon-es-debugger (which is working with ThreeJS only) to make this work with the BabylonJS to check if I can figure out how to build raycastVehicle with cannon-es and BabylonJS.
It looks like I’m almost there:
(driving the vehicle is WSAD, and toggling the debugger is c)

  1. I still have problem that the wheels are not spinning… I tried rotationQuaternion but with no luck.
  2. The second problem is with the shadows. They’re getting worse and worse during the time. Did I screwed up something there?


The code of the example is here:

I’d be glad if anyone could look at this :pray: