Cannon-es-debugger with BabylonJS

Hello there,

As I mentioned here I started porting cannon-es-debugger (which is working with ThreeJS only) to make it work with the BabylonJS.
At this point it’s not a installable package via the npm yet but I wanted to get community feedback - is it any good? Will anyone be interested in using it? I started doing it because I couldn’t make the raycastVehicle with cannon-es and BabylonJS.

So the demo is available here: (I’ve added the raycastVehicle drivable with WSAD keys)
At this point I have plane, box, sphere and cylinder working.
The debugger adds those green wireframed meshes so it’s easier to understand the physics working under the hood.
The debugger can be toggled by pressing c on the keyboard.

Have a nice evening!


So awesome, thank you @neu5 :smiley:

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That’s very cool! Always love to see debug tooling, this saves the sanity of so many developers (like me!) :rofl:

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@neu5 this is amazing and would be great to have as a standard tool for babylon :slight_smile:

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Thank you for kind words :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if that’s even possible. BabylonJS currently supports Cannon.js and I’m working with cannon-es (maintained version of Cannon.js) so it’s like it’s not officially supported?

I also heard that there might be new kid in town in terms of physics engines supported by BabylonJS. But I don’t know any details. When that happens I might check if it’s possible to do similar tool for that engine (if that new physics engine will meet with my requirements).

cc @RaananW and @Cedric

Hello again,
So I’ve just published it at the npm

I’m kind of thrilled because it’s my first npm package :smiley: thank you BabylonJS team to push me over the edge :crazy_face:
Feel free to comment, add suggestions, report bugs or contribute!
It’s not perfect, it doesn’t support everything. But I want to get back to “my game” (as all of this is my side hobby projects and I have very limited time for any of this) and if there will be interest in the package I will of course work on it :slight_smile: