BabylonJS French tutorials / Tutoriels en Français BabylonJS

Hi, I just want to share my youtube channel with all French speakings people out there.

It’s all about (mostly) BabylonJS :

Originally for my students and specifically for the “Games on Web 2024” competition so it’s on a “live coding” style and “learn while making errors”. Unofficially I take the opportunity to have fun and learn coding with BabylonJS and modeling with Blender.

Like I said it’s in French only.
Have fun.


Cool. Je suis FR (entre autres) :grinning:… I just opened the first video which starts with the issue on the async function… had to laugh :joy:, because I lately encountered just this very same issue (of course, not thinking further of what I was doing, once again :rofl:)

Anyway, I guess just wanted to say “Thanks for supporting the BJS FR community”. A great effort :+1: so, thanks for your contribution". :fr: Merci beaucoup, A+
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:


So glad you did all these GREAT videos!

This is fantastic content for French speakers!!!

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No way! You are french??? From where?

From where the french people believe it belongs to France :rofl:… Geneva :switzerland:

Haha:) you mean the French department named “Swiss “?:slight_smile:


haha, yes, that’s the one. Though, we did send your troups back to your ‘raclonettes’ 3 centuries ago… We could do it again, if necessary… :joy: We are still the only ones doing the one and only real ‘raclette’ :cheese: :rofl:

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I won’t disagree! I love your raclette!

Btw I exposed @PirateJC to raclette and he loved it :smiley:


Hey @mawa, you do not have to live in Switzerland to love raclette !!! :wink:

Hello from France - Normandy to all babylon JS users and especially the team which is working hard on our favorite engine.


I didn’t say you have to be Swiss to love raclette. I said you have to be Swiss to know how to make the REAL raclette :rofl:

Sidenote: I hope everyone here gets the joke :joy:. At least, all of the french people. It has become sort of a private joke between us to tease one another, hasn’t it?… but, I’m sure yours know we love you Guys :hugs: FR is family to us and I hope you feel the same :smiley:


Don’t worry, i know you were joking and I was joking too.

“Team real swiss raclette” all over the world !!! :wink:

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BTW I love raclette too. Maybe I ´ll add a 3D cheese (morbier) portion in a future video, just to be sure we all speak of raclette another time.

Have fun coding !


Late to the thread but this is an amazing contrib @Olivier_Arguimbau !!!

Hello from Lyon, my fellow baguettes!
I’ve just seen one of your videos, chosen the instances, and learnt about MoveTowards.
This engine is full of surprises, even after 5 years of working with it. It’s great to see the work of others and the superb tutorials, en français qui plus est !

PS: of course the first comment under the video begin with first :smile:

Hello from Le Mans the city of the circuit of 24 hours
I appreciate your chaine a lot. Continue informative videos. It is very interesting.

ahah I LoLed at this one