BabylonJS Native source

Maybe a question specifically for @bghgary, but I followed the Medium article (Babylon Native – Babylon JS – Medium) about BabylonJS Native and saw references to open sourcing what you were working on; none of the links in the article, however, pointed to where I could get a working example. Looks promising - great initiative and research.

My interest is in working on a React Native implementation. I have already a project using ‘react-reconciler’ creating host components for BabylonJS and want to look at integrating for a native app. This is for fun and learning, so does not need anything production ready. Thanks.

Hi brianzinn,

We’re still working toward getting the actual code ready to be made public; right now it has a few dependencies on currently non-open technologies, so we’re working to resolve those before we put the code online.

I personally still have a lot to learn about React Native, so I’ll leave it to @bghgary to comment on that part of your question. :smile:


Thanks @syntheticmagus - I was more making sure that I didn’t miss anything, so no rush. I have been following projects like GCanvas and ExoKit; it’s an interesting landscape now! Cheers.