Babylonjs version of unity's ml agents

Hi All,

Is there a babylonjs version of unity’s ml agents?

If not, what’s the nearest equivalent?

We do not have something close on a general purpose but @Cedric could enlighten you with what he did for crowd simulation ?

Hi @saitogroup

We have no ML for agents but we have navigation agents avaible. Some doc here : Crowd agents - Babylon.js Documentation
It’s analytical path finding and you have to code your behavior.

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Hi There,

I’ve seen the navigation programming, and it is super cool. I’ve been using babylonjs for VR stuff and have been pretty blown away by it. So, I was inquiring if anybody was trying to do similar cutting edge work, but on the machine learning for agents side. Do you know if anyone on the team/and/or/extended community is focused on bringing this to life?