BabylonNative development group?

Is there a development chat / mailing list / discord / slack that I can join to keep a finger on the development of BabylonNative? I’m keen to test port Cryptovoxels to BN, initially for Windows PC and iOS, and would love to give feedback as I go along.

I saw the github and can log issues there, but was wondering if there was some kind of ‘inside group’ with a bit more info.

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Adding the Native team: @bghgary / @Cedric / @syntheticmagus

But overall, the forum is the best place for discussion

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The forum is the best place to have discussions. Feel free to discuss / ask questions here.

Realize you wish to keep this to just rendering, but wondering if an addon mechanism / might be possible?

Thinking maybe:

  • web audio
  • file reading / writing
  • Open XR
  • WebRTC

If MS-Office is paying the tab, they are clearly going to not want this stuff, but working solely for rendering kind of limits other uses.

@JCPalmer, we’re actually working on a plugin mechanism right now! The details are still work-in-progress, but we’re trying to make the Babylon Native architecture as flexible and adaptable as possible so that capabilities like the ones you listed can easily be included or excluded as needed on an app-by-app basis. I’m actually currently working on the refactor to make this happen, so we should hopefully see this architecture become a reality in the coming weeks.

As a side note, Babylon Native already supports file reading (via XmlHttpRequest) and a (limited at present) subset of Babylon’s XR capabilities powered on native by OpenXR. So, in short, yes, that’s definitely the sort of stuff we’re interested in, and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to add/share their own custom plugins as well. :smiley:


What platforms are best for beta testing BN at the moment? I got it to build on Mac but hit this issue:

And in the latest medium post you mention a react native branch - is that on github?

BTW, I know that BabylonNative will use V8 or Chakra as javascript engine, but have you seen this other engine : QuickJS Javascript Engine just for curiosity.
The guy developing it is really incredible : Fabrice Bellard - Wikipedia


Hi @bnolan

I’m working on that issue. I’ll let you know when it’s fixed :slight_smile:

Hey @jerome, that’s really cool! We haven’t looked at that particular engine yet, but from a quick glance it shouldn’t be too difficult to make Babylon Native work with that engine as well. Babylon Native interacts with JavaScript using the Node Add-on API for C++, so in order to add support for a new JavaScript engine, all that should be necessary is to make an adapter for that abstraction (which should also allow that JS engine to power other Node Add-on things, too). An example of this is the work-in-progress to enable us to use JavaScriptCore; the work essentially boils down to creating new versions of this file for every JS engine we want to support. The files end up pretty big, but they almost never need to change once they’re stabilized, and they make switching between JS engines as simple as setting a build flag. :smiley:


Impressive work. Fan++. : )

Yusss! Got it running. Great work team! :smiley: :smiley:

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 10.34.34 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 10.34.34 AM


@bnolan … like, Like, LIKE!!! Multi-platform is a very nice feature.

@jerome, I see what you mean by Fabrice Bellard!

His bio is basically: long list of (really) amazing accomplishments, (world record), then …

Last Summer created: “a small and embeddable Javascript engine” called QuickJS.

Probably worth a BENCHMARK.

" On 31 December 2009 he claimed the world record for calculations of pi, having calculated it to nearly 2.7 trillion places in 90 days. Slashdot wrote: “While the improvement may seem small, it is an outstanding achievement because only a single desktop PC, costing less than US$3,000, was used—instead of a multi-million dollar supercomputer”