Backwards compatibility broken in showWorldAxis example

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They’re hypnotizing to look at :eye::nose::eye:
@PirateJC sorry for double ping, but… couldn’t this be a super cool tweet, of course, if labris and roland like the idea :eye:


Well, we need to complete all examples and showcases first.
And, finally, I will have unbeatable AI for this Babylon JS Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge :slight_smile:
(I was lazy to write it myself; now with Yuka it is possible to do just with a few lines of code)


@carolhmj just for you from a Rockstar :sunglasses: lol

:rose: :hibiscus: :tulip:

And thank you very much!

I am in, of course, we are doing it for the community! But as @labris said we would like to finish all examples first, tide up the code and create some showcases. :vulcan_salute:


Love this! Ping me as soon as you feel like it’s ready and we’ll tweet about it and throw some press your way! You all rock!

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