Best performance techniques for displaying lots of dynamic data in 3D?

Yes, sort of a texture atlas.You put all your texts on it.

You don’t need to duplicate it. You could the create a mesh with 10.000 quads and the just alter the vertex coords + uvs. All quads will use the same texture you will just change the uvs from quad to quad. Or you can use sprites.

IMHO I can’t imagine the daredevill who can read 10.000 pieces of information from the screen at once :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you can use GreasedLine to create the quads to display different pieces from one texture atlas:

10.000 GreasedLine sprites moving aroung at 92 FPS - quite good.

What a mess LOL and these are only small sprites and are already covering each other multiple times. The texts will be absolutely unreadable.


The texture atlas:

Check out this topic if interested:

You can combine it with @ycw 's proposal but you don’t need instances just to set the correct uvs.

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